Latest DJ Equipment News from Laserworld

Latest DJ Equipment News from Laserworld

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Here we feature the latest news from Laserworld for DJs and Karaoke Hosts.
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Christmas Series

The Laserworld Christmas Lasers are designed as special projection laser effect and features Christmas-themed gobo projections. By using special diffraction gobos the effect does not flicker, like it would do with normal scanners.
The Laserworld Christmas lasers can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration. They are available in two color combinations: red & green and blue & green.
Some Christmas lasers come with radio remote control for selecting the color, adjusting the rotation speed and gobo change and switching a strobe effect. An IP67 waterproof rating makes the Laserworld Christmas lasers also suitable for outdoor use.

In this dark season of the year light up your garden, balcony, house or the interior with a very special, wonderful laser effect: Days are getting shorter, the nights longer, soon the first snow falls and finally the holiday season begins.

The Christmas Laser
Bicolor Christmas laser with red and green patterns
Various enchanting Christmas patterns (Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, bells, stars, snowflakes)
360° patterns rotation
Patterns multiplication through integrated grating
Wide projection angle
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Harmless for humans and animals
The Laserworld GS-50RG Xmas is a bicolor Christmas laser which can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and it is harmless for humans and animals. The various Christmas patterns (consisting of Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, bells, Christmas trees and stars) are multiplied by an integrated grating and projected in red and green colors on all surfaces. Thanks to the wide projection angle and depending on the distance between laser and surface, large surfaces can be projected on and a gorgeous wintry Christmas atmosphere can be created. The effects rotation is another special sophistication of the laser. Always a red and a green pattern are combined and thereby changing scenes are created.

Because the compact laser housing is rugged and waterproof according to IP67, the Laserworld GS-50RG Xmas can be used in gardens, on terraces, or on balconies without problems. Use the supplied stake to fix the device easily in garden soil or flowerpots.

Make yourself happy and get a very unique Christmas atmosphere at your home, created by the Laserworld GS-50RG Xmas Christmas laser or give your beloved a very special, not-everyday gift.
Total Power typical:
Power Red:
Power Green:
Laser Sources:
Diode, DPSS
Laser Class:
2; DIN EN 60825-1: 2015-07
Operation Modes:
Glass Gobo + Diffraction Grating
Scan Angle max.:
Basic Patterns:
6 different Christmas patterns
power adapter (IP44), aluminium stake, manual
Power Supply:
AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz at power adapter DC 12 V (included in delivery)
Power Consumption:
ca. 4 W
85 x 70 x 120 mm (W x B x H)
0.50 kg


Laserworld launched several new products at this year’s prolight+sound, amongst them also two world-first releases: The RTI NEO SIX RGB beam arrays and the HB-Laser Poseidon 3D-HydroMatrix HD. The PRG Stage in the “Festhalle” was exclusively equipped with laser systems manufactured by the Laserworld Group – more than 400W of laser power. The brand new RTI NEO SIX RGB white light beam arrays with analog modulation and beam positioning debuted there – in a row of 12 units, that summed up to 72 laser beam outlets. Other new products were the Laserworld Showeditor FREE, a free ILDA laser software, and the new Laserworld Proline Series with the PRO-800RGB and the PRO-1600RGB. These Proline units have an SD-card playback feature, so they perfectly match with the free Showeditor laser software.

Laserworld prolight-sound-2016-0011


Laserworld presents

New Laser Show Software – Laserworld Showeditor 2015

with ShowNET LAN interface

The all-in-one Laser Show control software Laserworld Showeditor 2015 comes standard with the LAN interface Laserworld ShowNET and has a ready-to-go live laser show interface as well as professional timeline-show programming capability. The manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) for the software including the network interface (with playback capability and DMX in/out) is published at 329.- Euro excl. VAT, excl. shipping.

Laserworld Showeditor 2015 packaging and ShowNET front right

The software is delivered with 100 free laser shows plus pre-configured MIDI profiles for easy software control – in live mode as well as for laser show programming.

The import and export of files in the ILDA (*.ild) standard protocol is supported, so the figures created in Laserworld Showeditor can easily be shared between different Software and can be used for playback features:

The ShowNET network interface, which comes standard with the Laserworld Showeditor 2015 , reads micro-SD-cards, on which *.ild files can be stored. The files can then either be automatically played pack or individually triggered through DMX. Laserworld Showeditor supports both DMX input and output, so it can be remote controlled through DMX controllers or software, and it can control fixtures by itself – basic ones and intelligent lighting.

The enhanced MIDI capabilities allow for the creation of own profiles and thus the software can also listen to SMPTE timecode signals, which makes it suitable for professional multimedia applications as well.

The timeline supports audio and video playback, so even advanced multimedia shows can be created directly in Laserworld Showeditor 2015. Laserworld Showeditor comes as complete package, including the software, the ShowNET LAN-to-ILDA interface, a short 0.4m ILDA cable, a short CAT-5 LAN cable and a small neoprene case to hold the ShowNET and even has two velcro straps to attach the case containing the ShowNET to the truss. Of course a power supply for the ShowNET is included as well.

The software user interface is available in the languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Romanian.
More languages are  to follow soon. User manuals are available in English and German, manuals in other languages are in development.
There is a support forum for Laserworld Showeditor as well as a large tutorial and FAQ section on the website

Users can upload their own laser shows to the file system to share with the community. Laserworld Showeditor Software page:

Buy Laserworld Showeditor 2015: 

Laserworld Showeditor Installer EN

Laserworld ShowNET interface front right

Laserworld Showeditor Figure Editor



PDF User Guides & Manuals


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